CCBNAIJA Celebrity Lovebirds Break Silence on ‘Romance in the House’ 


The unique and first-of-its-kind reality TV show, Celebrity Come Build Naija has found its first lovebirds, Rosemary Afuwape popularly known as Rosie and Michael Ugochukwu Stephens a.k.a Ruggedman, who fans wish they stay together when the cameras are switched off.

In an exclusive chat with Theresa Moses, Blog-Coordinator of the CCBNAIJA Reality TV Show; reality star Rosie and rapper Ruggedman gushed on each other, talking about their mutual love, their expectations, the show and more.


At first, when the celebrities hooked up on the show, most people predicted it was just a show-off. A month into the show, the lovebirds has deepened their romance rumour as they set the social media on fire with love-up pictures. Rosie and Ruggedman confirmed “CCBNaija Celebrity couple” status with a yes when asked.

Speaking on when the love sparked up, Rosie who spoke first averred: “I think the first week when we came back to the show after the training sessions/lectures.” Ruggedman agreed, saying: “Same for me too even though she’s a bully, but yeah no problem.” Rosie responded, “as if he’s not one” while Ruggedman said he was innocent.


On what attracted them to each other, Ruggedman with a radiating smile enthused: “I think her long nose (laughs). She’s one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, and she’s very intelligent.” Rosie smiling and blushing said: “He’s funny, he teases me a lot; but then when he’s serious he is serious and he means business and encourages me as well to pursue my dreams.” Ruggedman cuts in saying, that’s why I always ask her to sleep early “so you can pursue your dream. It’s when you sleep that you dream, so pursue your dreams,” both laughed.

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Rosie and Ruggedman were separated due to team selection; asked how they felt, Ruggedman who was caught several times sneaking and jumping across to peep through the windows while work is going on said:

“It doesn’t stop us doing what we are doing really. Even when I go to peep, she’s the first person to say (Mimic Rosie) ‘go back to your team’ (both laugh), but it’s okay.”

Rosie expressed how she feeling: “Separating us didn’t let us get distracted in any way. I mean we know what we are here for regardless of whatever. When he comes to check up on me, sometimes I’m too serious with my work that I don’t notice he’s there; my teammates will have to touch me and yes, I will still be the first to tell him to go back to his team to work, reminding him that hey, we are here for something, which he does but for me it’s all about the care.”

How were you guys able to sort out the misunderstanding you had during one of your tasks on site?
Ruggedman said: “For me, it’s no issue, you can’t live without having issues definitely and I think there was some kind of misunderstanding. I don’t think. Do you want to do tilling? (Rosie said no) so why were you picking my tape and measuring? Rosie: ‘because everyone joined in and I was the only one at some point doing wiring which wasn’t the deal.’ (Ruggedman cut in) but you should have told Funky Mallam to join you because it was just four of us.”

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Clarifying the misunderstanding, Rosie said: “But then I was upset with you; because when we were coming to site I told you that yesterday (referring to the previous day) we did more tiling and I would want to do something different.” Ruggedman cut in “Yes, which was why I agreed to doing the tiling, or you wanted us to do something different? He asked.” Rosie said yes and Ruggedman concluded: “Oh, I thought you just wanted to do something different, that’s why I just quickly jumped saying I will do the tiling. I probably didn’t hear that you wanted us to do tiling together.”
“Yes, I agreed, but I don’t know what I was arguing.”

“You should have said it; sometimes I don’t understand sign language. That was it basically, and it was sorted. You can’t get angry with ice-cream for that long.”

Aside from the romantic drama, asked what more should we look forward to? Ruggedman opined: “I am looking forward to us working, to me doing a lot of things because she’s already doing a lot. Madam works too much. Look forward to me trying to catch-up and then hopefully I pray she wins it or I win it. We will cut it into two.” Rosie is sure it’s a win-win anyway.

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