Lagos LG Election: You Were 50 In 2017, Why Are You Claiming 43 In 2021- Group, APC Member Asked Ojokoro LCDA Chairman


The Chairman of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area of Lagos State and All Progressives Congress (APC) Chairmanship candidate in the coming local government elections in the state, Mr Hameed Tijani may need to clear his name from allegation of age falsification levelled against him by some members of the party in the council area.

Tijani was accused of providing different age at different times of contesting for political offices and lying under oath.

A party member, Adeshina Bello Lateef, in Ward F in the council area, in a well publicised letter, sent to the National Leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, alleged that he witnessed the 50th birthday celebration of the Council Chairman in 2017 but expressed dismay that the same person is saying he is 43 years old when filling his LASIEC form in 2021.

In the letter, which copy was sent to all stakeholders in the party including the state Chairman of the APC Caretaker Committee, Alhaji Tunde Balogun, Bello cried out that the Ojokoro which hitherto is a stronghold of APC in previous elections may seize to be so since the opposition has a veritable ground to challenge the party if Idowu is allowed to go on with his aspiration.

As if that was not enough, concerned leaders of the party in Ojokoro also protested to both the state’s All Progressives Congress and the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission, alleging age falsification by the party’s chairmanship candidate for the area.

The leaders, under the aegis of Ojokoro Progressives Platform (OPP) alleged in their petition that Idowu Tijani, falsified his age and that the scenario may give the opposition party an edge in the event of post-election litigations.

In the petition signed by the group’s president, Alhaji Kola Adeyemi, and secretary, Mrs. Titi Alfred, and addressed to the state’s APC Chairman, Mr Tunde Balogun, and LASIEC chairman, Justice Ayotunde Phillips (rted), the group called for an urgent inquest.

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“Tijani, having sworn to an oath, and with available evidence, falsified his claimed age, differently at various times,” the group averred.

“Wherein in 1998, he contested the position of Councillor in Ward J, Ifako Ijaiye Local Government, Tijani claimed age 31, having been born on the 16th of October, 1967.

“In 2017, when he contested the position of chairman of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area, he once again claimed the date of birth of previous years that was 16th of October, 1967 and was now aged 50.

“But while filling the LASIEC forms, Tijani has again claimed to be 43 years old having sworn on oath, falsifying his age with 11 years’ reduction,” the group alleged.

It thus advised both the state’s APC and the LASIEC to pull Tijani out of the race as a way of holding the sanctity of both the party and the electoral body, respectively.

“Falsification of age, according to the Nigerian constitutional laws, albeit the electoral laws, is, without doubt, a weighty atrocity.

“It will be unbecoming of a national political party of acclaimed progressives like The All Progressives Congress in Lagos State, under the leadership of Barrister Tunde Balogun, a lawyer of years of experience and a politician who knows the implications of this grievous allegation on the party, therefore, not to act in time.

“Meanwhile, the electoral umpire too, the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) under the able chairmanship and supervision of Honourable Justice Ayotunde Phillips, should do the needful and not allow their image to be soiled by looking away from this allegation,” the group demanded.

Ability to reach Tijani proved abortive as at time of filing this report.

Below is the letter by Adeshina Lateef Bello, a member of APC in Ward F of Ojokoro LCDA



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-Adesina Bello Lateef


Yesterday, 09/07/2021, I read, with much enthusiasm, so far as the state Local Council Elections 2021, is concerned, particularly as it affects our dearest beloved LCDA (OJOKORO)

The article written with the non-de-plume, -pseudonym “Tonia Aiye Kooto” was reasonably, a first class expository political commentary worthy of editorial, especially at this very critical electioneering period; the very ambush time which the opposition parties usually wait patiently, underlining our flaws. Whereupon the double edged sword of the law could be applied to our throats -God forbids!
GOD FORBID we pray!!!

God forbids never work, never in land of the livings where human mortal instruments is required, it will never work in the face of human negligence and foolhardy flaws especially.

WORK AND PRAY is the right action as it is required of human.
Sir, to escape blindness, the eyes need to avoid, from afar, the log with sharp pin-head.

Aiye Kooto has said it all, and to the best of my knowledge, only few individuals could improve on that article, honestly, I CAN NOT, otherwise an attempt of it, will be a repetition.

But, for justification and emphasis, above all, the love of our party -The All Progressives Congress and for the efforts of our heroes, not to be in vain, more and more voices making headlines are not only imperative but sacred.

Sir, Aiye Kooto’s allegations of  CERTIFICATE SCANDAL: FALSIFICATION OF AGE against Honourable Hammed Idowu Tijani (HID) of Ojokoro LCDA is weighty, it is an allegation too heavy to be swept under the carpet or veiled with toga of lies.

I am not a lawyer, neither am I a forensic expert, but to the best of my ability, it is PERJURY to claim the very opposite of who one is.
Heaven is our witness, amidst fanfare, did Honourable Hammed Idowu Tijani (HID) celebrated his 50th Birthday in 2017, before our very eyes.
How, can he, in 2021 “unhonourably” claim to be eleven years old younger with age 43.

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This is no less than, malicious fabrication and falsification of documents he (HID) must have sworn to, under oath. It is therefore, not only mendacious but gross irresponsible of the highest order and criminal.

Hence, the needful be done in earnest.

Ojokoro LCDA is second to none as All Progressives Congress abode, available elections contests records from time, immemorial have been overwhelmingly and positively delivered and the majority of our party members, our LG party chairman, the landlords/landladies Associations, Community Development Associations (CDAs), The Community Development Committee of Ojokoro LCDA (CDC).

Above all, His Royal Majesty, Oba of Ojokoro Land. All can attest to the All Progressives Congress party man that is an asset and mobilizer of  members and voters for our party. Not even Honourable Hammed Idowu Tijani (HID) who, in his political ward F, as it was in all other wards too, could not win in a primary election contest but implored hoodlums to disrupt the smooth running of the process.

Therefore, it will be tragically unfortunate, and political suicidal, if the likes of “Honourable” HAMMED IDOWU TIJANI with his political flaws, the falsification of documents among others, be allowed to drag our party into political muddy waters.

What, we demand is the ways out possible, to avoid the man with palm oil, as we have on us, white-purity garment. We know, the leprosy-fingers man, can not join in the production of milk but the need to avoid him is imperative, for he can torn the milk pot asunder.
God forbids: yes, when we work and pray.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
Adesina Bello Lateef

The Chairman, Lagos State APC
The Chairman, Lagos APC, Committee on Local Council Elections 2021
The Chairman, Lagos APC, Local Council Elections Reconciliation Committee
To all, Whom It May Concerned.


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