Igboho: FG Fails To Provide Evidence For Extradition, Case Adjourned To Monday



The Federal Government has not been able to come up with any convincing evidence before the authorities of Benin Republic for the extradition of Chief Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) to Nigeria.

This was stated by Ilana Omo Oodua on Friday, quoting Igboho’s lawyers.

Communications Manager, Ilana Omo Oodua, Maxwell Adeleye in a statement said also said that efforts to extradite Igboho by the Muhammadu Buhari regime may also hit the brick wall as Nigeria does not have extradition treaty with the Republic of Benin.

Adeleye quoted Igboho’s lawyers as saying that what the Federal Government of Nigeria brought to the court on Thursday evening were mere allegations that weren’t tenable.

The case, according to the lawyer has been adjourned to Monday, July 26. to give Nigeria more opportunity to bring evidence against the activist.

The statement reads: “Yesterday, the court set Mrs. Adeyemo, lgboho’s wife free since it has been found that she has committed no offence and there’s no complain whatsoever against her. Consequently, her German passport was returned to her.

“The lawyers handling the case reported after the proceedings that Chief Sunday Adeyemo lgboho cannot be extradited to Nigeria for two principal reasons: that contrary to insinuations, Nigeria and Benin have no Extradition Agreement.

“That Nigeria has not been able to come up with charges that could lead the court to order lgboho’s extradition to Nigeria.

“What Nigerian government came up with were mere allegations against Ighoho such as trafficking in arms and inciting violence that could result in the social disturbance without evidence which the government of Benin Republic considered spurious and untenable, and insufficient to warrant extradition.

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“Lastly, the case has been adjourned till Monday 26th July to allow the Nigerian government brings up whatever evidence they may have, and Mr. lgboho has been taken back to the police custody.”

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