My Govt Fought Corruption Than Yours- Babangida Blasts Buhari

Former Military President Ibrahim Babangida, on Friday claimed he fought corruption better than President Muhammadu Buhari.The former president said this in an interview granted to ARISE TV.

He said people who worked under him are saints compared to those currently in power.

Babangida said while he moved against a former military governor who embezzled N313,000, those who stole billions are currently walking freely.

Asked if he agrees with those who said his government was very corrupt, Babangida said, “But what’s happening now is worse… you can’t compare it with the facts on the ground now. You can say it. From what I read, from analysis, I think we are saints when compared to what is happening under a democratic dispensation.

“I sacked a governor for misappropriating less than three hundred and thirteen thousand.

“Today, those who have stolen billions and are in courts and are now parading themselves on the streets. Who else is better in fighting corruption?.. we are saints when compared with that.”

IBB also said he has a very good relationship with Buhari, blaming the seeming rift between them on the media.

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