Tribute: Mama Rachel Olufunke Ajayi: A Nonpareil Matriach


By Damilola Onadeko

The teeming supporters of Peter Ajayi Campaign Team (PACT) commiserate with our Principal and SSA to the Governor of Lagos State on Political Matters , Hon. Peter Omotayo Ajayi as his beloved Mother,an outstanding inspirer,Iconic motivator, and unrivalled Counsellor, the late Rachel Olufunke Ajayi is committed to mother earth today at Ora-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

While we submit to the perfect will of God on this incident, it is yet best described as an irredeemable loss, given the enviable achievements and altruistic stature of Mama Rachael Olufunke Ajayi of blessed memory.

We, however, take solace in the fact that Mama lived a good and fulfilled life, also that her memory would forever be etched in the hearts of people,whose lives she touched positively via her unquantifiable humanitarian gestures.

It has pleased God to call mama to eternal rest at such a time like this. We bring the condolences of teeming supporers of PETER AJAYI CAMPAIGN TEAM (PACT) ,in this regard.

To every member of PACT, Mama’s sudden demise is a personal loss, whose exit will be sorely missed, even by non-members.

It is well documented that Mama was committed to giving helping hands and was more often, inexorably imbued with love to her neighbours and the indigent people. She was always passionate about extending kindness to everyone around her.

She demonstrated almost endlessly, an alluring service to humanity and compassion by assisting not only people of Ekiti descent but to all and sundry not minding whose ox is gored.

From the stable of PACT, we use this medium to express our earnest honour to an amazing Matriarch, The late Mrs. RACHEL OLUFUNKE AJAYI.

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May the good Lord console our Principal, Hon. Peter Omotayo Ajayi, his siblings and the entire Ajayi clan of Ora -Ekiti, Ekiti State. May God Almighty give them all, the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

Adieu, Eye Elero!

For and on behalf of PACT

Onadeko is the Director of Media and Publicity, PACT.

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