The Yearly Stakeholders’ Meeting Impacted Positively On Epe- Tobun

The legislator representing  Epe Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House Of Assembly,  Hon. Abiodun Tobun, has explained that the yearly stakeholders’ meeting organised by the state’s House of Assembly has positively impacted on his Constituency.

Tobun said the requests made by his constitents were given quick attention by the state government through the stakeholders meeting, saying that the idea of the meeting was to collect and collate the people’s needs for government action and attention.

Speaking with journalists in his office on Thursday on the feedback from the meeting with his constitents, Tobun clarified the issue of ‘Nil’ that was penned beside 23 constituencies signifying the projects facilitated in their constituencies, saying that it was a mixed up from the Chairman of the planning committee.

He said within the period of one year, the state government was able to complete many projects including Mother and Care Centre in Epe.

“The completion of St Theresa Pry School, St Micheal Pry School, fencing of St Micheal Pry School was equally executed by this government, rehabilitation of Itoikin Epe road by public works corporation, the fixing of Mojoda axis by Cranburg, the commencement of Epe T-Junction which is about 50 percent completion. I think before next year it will be delivered.

“We equally have the Itamarun-Iraye Road which was in a bad shape but during the constituency intervention programmes, the government has started working on it.

“As we speak, they are spreading asphalt and it will be completed soon. If you look at Opo Street in Ita-Opo, it has been rehabilitated and now being used. It was handled by Cranburg.

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“If you go to Oba Animasaun Road and Ayotunde Sekiri that used to be flooded, the government has constructed drainage to take the water off the roads and they are about to start to put asphalt on the roads.

“The Ita-omu Jetty is about to be completed which is one of those things we requested from the government. We requested for Lekki-Epe Expressway last year which has been resurfaced this year. There is a lot of ongoing projects in Epe,” Tobun said.

He added that what his constitents requested for last year had been met but that the division still needs more government attention because Epe was a backward division amongst other divisions.

Speaking on the requests made by his constituents at last stakeholders meeting, Tobun said the people requested for Ita-omu Oriba road to open up about 48 communities.

“We have equally requested from government the energise of Eleranigbe-Oriba electrification to connect it to the national grid.

“We also requested for the construction of maternity centre at Inubido. We equally want the government to provide Chairs and tables for our students in their schools and also more teachers in our schools.”

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