Medical Doctor Warns Ladies Against Injection Of Seasoning Cubes Into Anus For Butts Enlargement



Medical doctor and influencer, Dr Penking has claimed that ladies are injecting crushed seasoning cubes into their anus to enlarge their butts.

He made the claim in a series of tweets and warned against the dangers of such act.

According to the doctor, the life-threatening trend which just began in Nigeria started in Congo.

He tweeted: “A patient was rushed to the hospital with a systolic blood pressure of over 200mmHg after injecting over 20 crushed seasoning cubes (Maggi) inside her butt hole. I doubt she survived. What was Maggi doing inside her anus? Read!

“There is a dangerous trend which has just reached Nigeria. It emanated from Congo. Nigerian women are now crushing seasoning cubes (Maggi) and using syringes to push them inside their anus with the hope that it will make their butt bigger. A round bottom is regarded to be more appealing to the male folk and the society at large hence the frenzy to do absolutely anything including practices that may endanger life just be look rounder and curvier.

“This particular practice is not only dangerous but life-threatening. Here is why
Seasoning cubes contain a very large proportion of sodium. The part of the gut close to the anus has a very high absorptive ability. In fact, some drugs are administered by placing it here where it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

“When seasoning cubes is shot inside the anus, a very large quantity of sodium is being delivered into the bloodstream within a very short time which will be way too much for the body to handle. This can greatly elevate blood pressure to fatal levels especially for persons already living with hypertension.

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“What is more? There is no scientific evidence that this practice can increase butt size and there is no logical reason to believe too. The size of a woman’s butt is determined by fat deposition which is engineered by genetics

“This natural rule can be cheated through plastic surgery but definitely not Maggi.

“Shooting Maggi up your bum does not make your butt bigger. It can kill you. Please don’t try it. Please don’t try it!! Please don’t try it!!!.”

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