Nestle Nigeria Warns Consumers Against Fake Food Items

Nestle Nigeria Plc, says that some cereals products being sold in sacks in open markets are not its products and warned consumers against purchasing and consuming such food items.

The Spokesperson for Nestle Nigeria, Ms Victoria Uwadoka, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Lagos that food items exposed and sold to unassuming consumers predisposed people to food poisoning and other food borne diseases.

According to her, Nestle ensures that the products in their portfolio are safe to consume because quality and safety are top priorities for the organization.

“Nestle does not sell any of their products in open sacks or exposed on retailers or wholesalers’ tables.

“Our products include Nestle Milo, Nestle NAN infant formula, Nescafe, Nestle NUTREND, Nestle Cerelac, Nestle CHOCOMILO, Nestle Golden Morn, Nido, Maggi, Nestle PURE LIFE water, MAGGI Mixpy, MAGGI Cube, Nestle Choco Milo Drink and others.

“They are all well packaged and sold under hygienic conditions,’’ she said.

Uwadoka said that when Nestle products were released from the factory, it ensured they reached their final destinations in optimum conditions.

“For chilled or frozen products, this also means ensuring they are stored and transported at the correct temperature.

“Packaging is very key in ensuring our products reach consumers in a safe condition; so our products carry clear information on how to prepare, store and use the product as well as with information on ingredients and any allergen risks.

“We make sure that best before and use-by dates are correct so that the consumers understand when the product will be best consumed.

“We do not sell any of our products in open sacks. We do not encourage any edible product to be exposed openly or even under the sun or rain.

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“The implications can have dire effects on the health of the consumer for people to buy foods exposed.

“We also enlighten our distributors, wholesalers and retailers on how to handle our products,” the Nestle spokeswoman said.

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