10 Side Hustles You Can Venture Into While Working A Full Time Job


The present situation of the Nigerian economy is quite fretting. The economy keeps getting unpleasant every day and the population of the country keeps increasing with a lot of graduates in the street without jobs. The people that are auspicious to get a job are mostly underpaid. If you have an 8-5 job, it is perfectly normal to have another stream of income, and it does not make you a disloyal or greedy employee.

Side gigs are the method of making additional income for yourself. Though the money earned from some of the side hustle may not instantly make you become wealthy, it will enable you to take care of your basic needs and reduce financial stress.

Cyberspace has made everything easy. You do not have to physically juggle between two (or more) jobs and/or business(es) because you can easily score a side hustle and meet its demands from the comfort of your home.


Dropshipping has to do with setting up an online store where you get to advertise products and services, get people to place orders, and forward the orders to the manufacturer who ships the product directly to the buyers. It is a very profitable business as all it entails is to have an online space, advertise the business, send the orders to the wholesaler, and make your commission.

Products you can sell as a drop shipper are, hairs clothing, accessories and cosmetics. Having an idea about digital marketing will give you an edge as it will enable you to track your target audience. You can also set up a more conventional store online using Shopify, Oberlo, or Flutterwave Platform.


Writing content is another way to earn extra income for yourself. There are organizations in Nigeria and other countries that are outsourcing their contents. A good writer can queue-in such an opportunity. Also, there are platforms online you can sign in to enable you to get a job in writing. Some of these platforms are free, all it entails is for you to scout for these platforms and sign in with them.

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People you can write content for include; blog owners who do not have sufficient time to update their content regularly, people in need of copywriters, and people in need of professional writers who can write thesis and dissertations, CVs and business plans.

Graphics Designing

Businesses want to set themselves apart from others by owning a brand and staying true to it. That is why designing is highly attractive as a side hustle. If you are a good designer, this can be a good way to create an extra source of income.

Virtual tutor

Seriously, those who argue that the internet is man’s greatest invention make a very good case. Virtual teaching is one of the by-products of humanity’s breakthrough. Virtual tutoring or what we referred to as online tutoring entails everything traditional tutoring does but instead of being in-person, it puts the communication on the web.

Fundamentally, where a traditional coaching meeting would occur face to face, virtual tutoring happens on the web. It is a good method of teaching especially during this global pandemic.  So, if you are knowledgeable in a field – be it English, Mathematics, Physics, or History- you can easily become a virtual tutor on the side.

You can either scout for students using the traditional method, or you can register on any website for virtual tutoring to begin. Remember to pick an age group you are most comfortable teaching. And not to take on too much load, as teaching is intensive – virtual or otherwise.

Uber driving

Since the emergence of uber business in Nigeria the business has been a lucrative one. Determined drivers are making up to 20,000 in a day and if you multiply it in a week that is a lot of money. The business is more lucrative especially in cities like Abuja and Lagos. For the working-class, you can resort to doing the business only on weekends and you can be realizing close to N40, 000 for yourself at the end of each month.

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Product production

Another business you can venture into is product production. Product production is also a lucrative business as a lot of women are now going into the skincare business. Once your product is effective, people will be scurrying to patronize you. For anyone who does not have any idea what to and how to produce, they can get tutorials online or attend physical training to have all the required knowledge about how to make these products.

Examples of products you can produce are liquid soap, skincare products, and detergents. Those going into skincare products should pay adequate attention to different skin types and understand that they are different products for different skin types to avoid hurting people’s skin which is not good for their brand.

Content Creation

Content creation is another side business a lot of youth go into. They create interesting and hilarious content on various social media platforms. This content drives the audience to their page and thereby increases their chances of getting business deals. Business owners pay a lot of money for their businesses to be promoted on these pages as it aids in business visibility.  Examples of well-known skit producers in Nigeria are Mark Angel, Taooma, Maraji and Mr. Macoromi. These people have created a niche for themselves through these funny skits. The amount charged to place an advert on their page ranges from 100,000 -1,000,000.


With the coming of online advertising, being a blogger now pays big time. With blogging, all you need to do is build your audience and top brands will come knocking at your site.

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Real Estate

You can earn 10% of the price of renting or buying a property, just by connecting property owners with buyers or tenants. Considering that the price of properties runs from thousands to millions, you can work full time at your day job and still make a fortune from real estate.

In Lagos for instance, people are always, either looking for a new place to rent or a new home to buy. As a real estate agent, you could help people find new homes for a commission. To begin, all you need is a bit of research and some leg work. By leg work, you could step up from local property agents who yet are still limited to traditional forms of advertisement by taking your adverts to a larger online audience.


Being skillful is another way to earn an extra source of income. These skills range from wig making, becoming a make-up artist, or being a fashion designer. This business is indeed a rewarding one. In this epoch, everybody wants to have a glamorous look, especially during an occasion. There is a need to make new cloth, wear an expensive wig and have your make-up on fleek. So, anyone that is really good with these beautician jobs can utilize the opportunity to make extra income for themselves. The good part of this is that some of these services are needed during the weekend so it would not have to interrupt your daily activities.


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