Meta Starts Testing New Privacy Control Centre


Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is effecting some changes with regards to privacy options display across its apps by centralizing some privacy FAQs and controls in one place.

Starting with the United States, the tech company said the development, known as the privacy centre would subsequently be rolled out to other regions in the coming months.

Privacy settings are usually divided among Facebook’s Privacy Shortcuts and Privacy Checkup menus, but Meta says it wants improvement over how the platform is used to handle these controls.

Meanwhile, the company is still pushing the idea of privacy education with the changes; another way of telling users that they have to go through the trouble of sorting through privacy centre if they don’t want the company to put their personal data to good use.

In its blog page, it wrote, “We won’t access your media without your consent, and we do not use the content of photos and videos captured with Ray-Ban Stories and stored in Facebook View for personalized ads. If you share your media to any other app, that app’s terms apply.

“Facebook collects data required to make sure your glasses and app are working properly. We also ask for information to offer you better, more personalized products. But you decide whether you want to share that additional data – info  like the number of images you capture, time spent taking videos, or the average length of videos.”

The tech giant has historically offered users byzantine, difficult to navigate privacy controls which is often with the most important settings buried in menus but the new privacy center will break things down into five categories namely; Security, Sharing, Collection, Use and Ads.

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