Poland Security Nabs Russian Spy Near Ukraine Border

An alleged Russian spy has been arrested near the border of Ukraine by Polish Internal Security Agency.

The man is reported to be a Spanish citizen with a Russian background and purportedly works for the Russian intelligence agency, the Polish security said on Friday.

He was arrested in the night of February 28, in Przemysl, near the Polish-Ukrainian border after the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Report has it that he has been in the area for several days.

Allegedly accredited as a journalist, he had found information that, “if used by the Russian secret service could have negative effects on the internal and external security, as well as the defense capability of Poland,” the ABW stated.

He was said to have planned to travel to Ukraine and continue working as a Russian agent there.

If found guilty, the man can face up to 10 years imprisonment. He is currently being prosecuted for actions on behalf of a foreign intelligence agency with the purpose of damaging Poland.


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