Parenting In Internet Age Is Like Raising Sheep Among Wolves, Says Arowojolu


By Anthonia Duru

A University Administrator, Dr Foluso Arowojolu has declared that the task of raising children in today’s globalized and technological age can be likened to the biblical raising of sheep among wolves.

She lamented that the pervading decadence and criminality such as kidnapping, robberies, drug addiction, pornography and the general preponderance of evil in the society today and in particular the education sector are attributable more to failure at the home front due to dysfunctional marriages and homes.

Arowojolu, a Principal Assistant Registrar at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta spoke while delivering a lecture at a parents forum of the Methodist Boys High School, Victoria Island, Lagos.

In her 10-page paper titled: “Technology and Parenting in The 21st Century”, she said “Parenting is broad. We must realize that there are wolves in sheep clothing. The decadence in our society, which has turned to a cancer eating up every sphere of life in our society, particularly the education industry, has been attributed more to failure of the homes (parents) due to dysfunctional marriages and homes.

“It is believed that it takes healthy families to raise a healthy society. Although the Bible foretold it that perillious time will come but we should run away from it. We are already experiencing the dangerous times. Today, our dear nation, Nigeria has turned to a no-go area for foreigners. Even, the citizens want to check out of the country because things are no longer the way it used to be.

“Nigeria is now known for corruption, terrorism, ritual killings, kidnapping, assassinations, drug abuse, drug trafficking, child trafficking, cybercrimes (illegal ends through the computer, yahooyahoo, Ponzi scheme (Scam investment)), yahoo+ etc”.

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Dr Arowojolu whose area of expertise is Softskills development stressed that most of the cancerous acts manifesting in lack of respect to teachers, cultism, rituals, violence, homosexuality, lesbianism, suicide, truancy, cyber extortion, Data breach, identity theft, bullying, account hacking, are found among our youths who are students in the secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

She said those to be blamed for this malaise are the government, the parents, the educators, curriculum developers, school owners and managers), even as she said the students and religious leaders should also share part of the blames.

The Softskills specialist and Educator surmised that the foundation for producing well behaved children must be laid at both primary and secondary education as a major step to revamp Nigeria’s lost glory.

While asserting that technology had made globalisation possible she said the volume of interaction socially, economically and culturally had posed so much risks.

According to her, there was therefore the need to inculcate the right values in the children in order to achieve a better tomorrow for them and revamp the country’s lost glory.

Arowojolu said the children should be made to learn many social and interpersonal skills that would make them behave well both at home and in the society.

She called on parents, teachers and governments to collaborate well in order to achieve the goal of revamping the nation’s lost glory through proper upbringing of the children.

Her words: “Again, in the trajectory of a child in the 21st century, all stakeholders in education have work to do. There is need to sow right values into our children for they are the leaders of tomorrow. Our children need to learn many social/interpersonal skills that will help them to be well behaved both at home and in the society and assist them to stay on job as well as get ahead in future.

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“Therefore, I call on the government, parents and teachers to collaborate together in bringing up Nigerian child.”

She said the parents must positively be involved in their children’s education, sacrifice and monitor their children in the use of technology.

This is as she clamoured for the government and teachers to play significant roles to bringing about all round or total child.

“The education system must be looked into by the government. Moral instruction and soft skills must be included in the primary and secondary Schools’ Schools’ Curricular,” she added.

She urged that schools should teach morals the same way the core subjects were being taught.

The education system, she emphasised, must be a complete one which emphasis must not be laid on the cognitive domain alone.

She reasoned that since soft skills transcended certificate in the labour market in the 21st century, the foundation for producing well behaved child must be laid at both primary and secondary education.

“Therefore, priority must also be given to the affective domain both at home and at school. These steps will contribute immensely to revamp the lost glory of our dear nation, Nigeria,” Arowojolu emphasised.

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