NCC Organises Conference On Distributed Ledger Technologies Ecosystem


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is organising a 2-day Conference on Distributed Ledger Technologies (Blockchain) Ecosystem .

The conference will hold Wednesday, April 20  through Thursday, April 21, 2022 from 10 am to 5.00pm daily, at the Communications and Digital Economy Complex, Mbora, Abuja, north central, Nigeria.

It is organized by the New Media and Information Security (NMIS) Department of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

The Conference will specifically examine Blockchain Ecosystem, Decentralization, And Adoption Methods As Growth Plan For The Telecoms Sector Development Of Bold Blockchain Strategy For Nigeria.

As DLT gains currency worldwide, Nigeria seems not prepared to be a laggard as far as this technology is concerned, to spite previous eras where it trailed other jurisdictions on other disruptive technologies.

The DLT Conference is broadly aimed at:

  • Building  knowledge of policy makers, regulators, industry and academia in the areas of DLTs ecosystem;
  • Providing  insight on enabling environment (policy, legislation and regulation), technologies, security and applications relating to DLTs;
  • Sharing  use cases and experiences from application areas (e.g. finance, agriculture, telecom);
  •  Building  skills on creating a Blockchain infrastructure.
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