NCC: About 144,056, 812 Active Internet Subscriptions Recorded In February 2022


Data released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) recently have shown that about 144,056, 812 Nigerians were active internet subscribers by technology in February 2022.

NCC’s statistics revealed that about 143, 564,481 active internet subscriptions occured in January 2022 which was lower than the successes recorded in February.

However, NewsBeatng’s statistical analysis of the data shows that additional 492, 331 Nigerians actively made internet subscriptions between January and February this year.

Telecommunications experts say it is an indication that Nigerians despite the current economic hardship understand the importance of internet activation to economic growth.

They argued further that the increase in the number of active internet subscriptions cannot be unconnected with the increasing rate of digital marketing activities among Nigerians most especially the youths.



Active Internet Subscriptions By Technology

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