Firms Organise Maiden Tennis Tournament For Pest Control Practitioners


Anthonia Duru

In commemoration of World Pest day and to further create awareness on pest services in Nigeria and to create unity amongst pest control practitioners, Managing Director of Rotimax Integrated Services in conjunction with Pest Masters Limited is organizing a tennis tournament amongst practitioners.

Disclosing this development in a press release made available to our reporter on Wednesday and jointly signed by Abbey Dollar of Pest Masters Pest Master International and Tolulope Caleb of Rotimax Intergrsted service, the tournament will hold on June 6 at Eko Club.

According to the statement, both pest control companies are organisong the maiden editon of Tennis Tournament for Pest Controllers to create harmonious relationship amongst practitioners.

“Pest Controllers will gather in a relaxing atmosphere not to discuss chemical formulation process or different ways to kill rodents but to compete healthily using table tennis as a means,” the statement states.

“We understand that there is a general misconception about the industry that it is a profession for the downtrodden, road side hustlers or those without future ambition. Hence, the need to promote the industry image. Several industries e.g. Banking Sector etc. organizes games like this for recreation so we as Pest Controllers wish to do the same in a grand style,”

Speaking in a chat with our reporter, Caleb, the CEO Of Rotimax Integrated Services Ltd. and co-host of the tournament  explained the motive behind the program as to promote the spirit of unity among Pest Controllers, to serve as an avenue for networking, as an avenue to bond and relax and compete healthily among Pest controllers

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Abbey Dollar, the CEO of Pest Masters also in a chat with our reporter buttressed on the need to embrace collaboration, as businessmen and businesswomen believe solely in competition, forgetting that we achieve more together than as individuals and the sky is big enough for everyone to soar.

June 6 of every year is set aside to commemorate World Pest Day – sometimes called World Pest Awareness Day.

The day was created to raise awareness of how pest management helps preserve the quality of life.



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