Pest Controllers Mark ‘World Pest Day’ With Tennis Tournament


Anthonia Duru

Practitioners in the pest control industry have marked World Pest Day with a maiden tennis tournament in Lagos.

NewsBeatng reports that the tournament attracted both pest controllers and non-pest controllers and provided them the opportunity to network.

Chief Executive Officer of Rotimax Integrated Services Limited, Tolulope Caleb, said that the tournament was organised to promote the spirit of unity among pest controllers.

He said, “We came together to put up this competition, this is a maiden event for the industry players we want to promote unity among pest controllers, create recreational for members, and promote the healthy lifestyle and well-being of our members.
We want to boost the image of the pest control industry in Nigeria; we want to change the narrative and conception that pest control is only for the downtrodden, and we want to showcase to the world that Nigeria’s pest control is a viable business and can be in the ranks of the banking industry, the communication industry.

” It is a reputable industry. We also want to create awareness of pest control in Nigeria which is very low at the moment. Today is world pest day, a day that is set aside to take curb pests. There is a need to do more, and create awareness of the need for pest control.

“We need to be proactive in tackling pests, rodents which lead to infectious diseases, the importance of observing pest control in our homes, and offices.”

Also, the Chief Executive Officer of Pest Masters International, Abbey Dollar Ashade, said apart from creating harmonious relationships amongst practitioners, the tournament was organised to educate and enlighten the public and government about the important role pest control industry plays in protecting health, food, property and the environment from health threats posed by pests.

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“At a time when most people work remotely, it is crucial they take the necessary pest-proofing steps to avoid infestations of any kind. Rodents and insects are notorious for carrying germs as they spend the majority of their time in contaminated areas, such as pipes and sewers,” Ashade said.

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