Nigerian ISPs Record 9.81% Decline In Operating Costs As Of December 2021


Nigerian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have recorded a decline of 9.81% in their total operating costs as of December 2021.

This was disclosed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in its 2021 Network Data Report published on its official website.

NCC’s statistics revealed that the ISPs also make collective revenue of a total sum of N59.99 billion as of December 2021 and that the total connected internet subscriptions from ISPs increases by 4% in 2021, from 305,255 to 316,592. This indicates that Nigerian Internet Service Providers’ total subscriptions rose by 11,337.

NewsBeatng reports that based on the statistical analysis, Spectranet Nigeria Ltd had the highest figure with 250,787 which accounted for the 79% of the subscription, followed by Tizeti and IPNX Ltd with 16,621 and 16,491 respectively.

Furthermore, the total active internet subscriptions from ISPs in 2021, was 179,668 from 173,290 subscriptions recorded in December 2020, indicating a 4% increase in the total active subscriptions. That is, active subscribers rose by 6,378.

The agency’s statistics disclosed that Spectranet Nigeria Ltd had the highest figure with 113,410 which accounted for the 63% of total subscriptions, followed by Tizeti and iPNX Ltd with 16,621 and 11,739 respectively.

ISPs’ Point of Presence (PoPs) increased to 1,843 as of December 2021 from 1,409 PoPs recorded in December 2020. Spectranet had the highest number of Point of Presence with 629, indicating 34% of the total Point of Presence, the Business Remarks investigation revealed.

For the period under review, Fiber to Home (FTH) subscriptions increased to 18,590 subscribers from 14,706 in December 2020 while IPNX Ltd accounted for 15,689 which represents 86% of the subscriptions in this category.

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In December 2021, the number of users per Fixed Wired Internet subscription increased to 22,725 from 17,730 subscriptions recorded in 2020, indicating a percentage increase of 28%. Tizeti Networks Ltd recorded the highest figure with 16,621 which accounted for 73% of wired Internet Subscriptions in 2021.

The total number of terrestrial subscriptions increased substantially from 162,122 as of December 2020 to 164,774 in December 2021. In this category, Tizeti with the highest number, 152,386 accounted for 92% of the subscriptions. Odua Telecoms Ltd recorded the least figure with just Four (4) subscriptions. The submission of 152,386 subscriptions made by Tizeti in December 2021, accounted for the huge increase recorded in the total terrestrial subscriptions.

The statistics revealed an increase of 1.8 % in the average number of users per fixed internet subscription (Broadband) between 2019 and 2020. This can be seen in the increase from 250,053 in 2020 to 254,462 in 2021. Spectra et had the largest subscription in this category with 250,787 indicating 99% of the total subscriptions.

While total Satellite subscriptions increased from 3,238 in 2020 to 3,529 in 2021 indicating a percentage increase of 9%, Radical Tech Ltd had the highest Subscriptions with 1,500 which represents 42% of the Total Wireless Broadband Subscriptions.




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