Nigeria To Gain From US $12bn Energy Initiative As Countries Sign CEDI Pact


The United States Special Envoy on Climate Change, John Kerry has signed the Climate Energy Demand Initiative (CEDI) with Nigeria’s Minister of Environment, Mohammed Abdullahi.

Kerry during his visit to Nigeria on Tuesday informed the Minister that the US president, Joe Biden has also created the President’s Emergency Programme for Adaptation and Resilience.

With this, as a CEDI partner, Nigeria could profit from the $12 billion set aside for the implementation of the programme.

Nigeria has also joined the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (Aim For Climate) Programme as a government partner. Under this programme, the United States and Nigeria will collaborate to catalyze climate-smart agriculture innovation that can increase resilience, productivity, and food security for all.

Nigeria is expected to implement robust, reliable, cost-competitive, and credible procurement options that are free of human rights violations to help meet clean energy targets and enable other corporates to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Also, Nigeria and the United States are expected to work together to reduce carbon emissions in the country while exploring natural gas for industrialization and electricity supply.

Both countries will work to maximize the use of renewable energies, particularly solar energy and wind.

The United States will support Nigeria in its decarbonization plans.Both countries will invest in smart agriculture technologies to foster food security in the face of growing food.

Energy Analysts opined that transparency is key in ensuring that these initiatives benefit Nigerians in the long run.

They argued that collaborations between governments as well as other stakeholders in the energy sector would make it easier for energy policies to become action steps.

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“At the end of the day, it is not just about alliances and policies, it is about implementation and accountability to the public. Nigerians are the targeted beneficiaries and we must work to ensure it remains that way,” he says.

NewsBeatng reports that CEDI was launched by the United States Government in November 2021.

The purpose of CEDI is to connect countries with companies seeking to rapidly deploy clean energy to offset electricity demand in their sectors, including health, manufacturing, retail, technology, and transportation.




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