2023: Jandor Promises To Set Up Ministry For People Living With Disability


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Lagos State, Olajide Adediran (JANDOR) has promised to setup a
Ministry for physically challenged people in the state that would be headed by one of them.

Adediran assured residents of Badagry that his administration would put the interest of Lagosian first in making decisions if elected in 2023.

The PDP candidate stated this during a meeting with the league of Imam in the Badagry zone on Sunday. The league of Imam in the zone covers; Badagry, Ojo and Ajeromi Ifelodun

Adediran is the main challenge to the incumbent Governor and candiate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The PDP candidate said his administration would work for the interest of lagosian because his decision would not need second approval from any godfather in the state.

He appreciated the Imam for their spiritual support to his gubernatorial ambition since inception, stressing that he would work for the interest and development of the local government if elected governor.

According to him, “The way things is, it is like if we don’t do something in Lagos it would remain the same.

“When I started people were saying go and meet this person, but the place I have reached today nobody have taken me here.

“Since then I said; I would across all the local government and see things for myself. We met Alfas and then league to Imam, and then we had faith that if we sit down and do the sacrifice the prayer would be answered.

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“The prayers you did sometime ago, God has answers it. The next one is also prayer and only God can answer prayer.

“God has made you an Imam of the town. If they bring their money, collect it, you have not collected anything bad but vote your conscience.

“Badagry can be sure that I would work for their interest. I would work for the people of Lagos and put their interest first in decision making”.

He said having hailed from the division, he would work for the development of the zone to erase years of neglect by successive administrations.

Adediran urged artisans and party people to vote for PDP candidates at all levels in the state, stressing that the ruling party and their candidates had failed Lagosian.

“This the first time governorship candidate is touring Lagos wards. I am from this division and I would work for my division and change things to erase years of neglect by successive administrations. We have brought a breath of fresh air.

“I will set up ministry for people living with disability and one of you would be the head”.

Kola Alatise, chairman of artisan in the council pledged the union support for the gubernatorial bid of Jandor, vowing to mobilize members to vote for him.

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