Lagos: You Will Be Treated Fairly Under My Govt- Jandor Tells Igbo Traders



The Lagos State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate, Abdul-Azeez  Adediran (Jandor) has assured members of Mega Auto Parts, and Allied  Traders Association (MAPATA), mostly populated by Igbo traders in Surulere, that he would ensure that they are treated fairly, their rights are no longer going to be  infringed upon and that nobody would harass them in their business premises when he emerges the Governor of Lagos State in 2023.

During the continuation tour of the 245 wards across the state, Jandor visited Surulere Local Government Area  and while addressing the traders said, “All the money that you bring into our economy is doing so much for the state. I thank you for that. Anyone who appreciates the part that you play on the  economy would ensure that nobody harasses you in your business premises and nobody in the name of a local government  chairman would wake up  and close down your market, and also ensure that the vehicles conveying your containers are given free passage to your business premises because the goods is for the growth of the community where you are located.

“The assurance that I want to give you is that once I assume office as Governor of the state, I would put an end to all the harassment in the place where you do business. I will make sure that you are comfortable in Lagos State because you consider Lagos as your home.  Be rest assured that I would consider you as one of us in Lagos State,” Jandor said..

While expressing appreciation for the gubernatorial candidate to have personally come to them to solicit for their support, Christopher Eluu, the president of MAPATA said that they were satisfied with the action of Jandor and would vote for any candidate who is concerned about their welfare and would not disturb them in their business premises.

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“We have mobilised our members and have told them to get their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) and we have also taken a decision on who we are going to vote,” he said.

Meanwhile the PDP gubernatorial candidate also visited the residence of Nigeria Railyawy Compound in Tejuosho area  where he assured his audience that he would operate a masses friendly government.

While addressing them he said, “I want to go to every ward, interact and see things for myself so that I can identify their challenges and know how to address them.

“We want to run a masses friendly government that is why we are going to every ward.

“My government is the first that would create Ministry of Disability and Children Affairs.

He added, “I chose my deputy to be a woman and it is for a purpose, because it is going to be the first time any government would create the Ministry of Women Affairs in Lagos State.

“It is time to have a Lagos that would appreciate the contributions of non indigenes, and we would take them as one of us and anywhere they trade we would stop any form of harassment,” he said.

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