Protest Hits Abeokuta Over Naira, Fuel Scarcity

Protest has erupted in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital on Tuesday afternoon as  residents poured into roads and streets to protest biting scarcity of cash, its attendant excruciating pains and the daily queue for fuel.
Aladesanmi, Fajol and Somorin in Obantoko area of Abeokuta and Shapon, the heart of the business area of the city were deep in the crisis with the protesters making born fire and chanting anti – government and anti – Emefiele songs.
Banks in Shapon which numbers about three had to close their doors for safety as many of the protesters gathered around the bank threatening to set them on fire.
Although the police stormed the locations and dispersed the protesters but as soon as the police withdrew from the scene, they regroup in a greater intensity making bonfires with disused tyres.
This disrupted traffic  movement as motorists and pedestrians ran off the road into safe directions to avoid the protesters.
The protest paralysed business activities in the state capital as the whole city has now turned to a ghost town with schools sending their students out of schools immediately.
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