PHOTO NEWS: How I Found Out My Student Was My Nursery School Teacher- University Lecturer


A lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Abia State University Uturu, Anucha Wisdom, has reunited with his nursery school teacher, who he calls Aunty Ijeoma.

In a Facebook post that went viral on Friday, Wisdom narrated how he found that his old teacher was now his student.

He wrote, “Early this week, I reconnected with Aunty Ijeoma, who was my Nursery 3 teacher at St. Joseph’s Development Nursery/Primary School Umuchichi Aba. Fortunately, she has been a student in my department and I knew not, not until they came to take my course. ‘Wisdom! Is that you?’, She shouted at me.

“‘Aunty I.J, it’s your boy,’ I responded, as we threw ourselves on each other. The entire class almost went agog. Aunty IJ has really added more flesh. She was single then when she taught us.

“Quickly, I peeped into her bag to check if I could still see that her cane she’d always use to ‘design’ our back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there again.

“‘While you spoke, I still heard that your little noisy voice in class those days in school. Wizzy Boy! I am extremely proud of you!’ She concluded.”

Credit: Facebook | Anucha Wisdom


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