Resign If You Are Unhappy About Buhari’s Decision To Implement Cashless Policy- Atiku’s Aide Tells Keyamo


The Special Assistant on Public Communications to Atiku Abubakar, Mr. Phrank Shaibu has called on the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, to resign from the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari if he is unhappy about the decision of Buhari to implement the cashless policy.

In response to Keyamo’s assertion that President Buhari erred by defying a Supreme Court decision when he announced that only the old N200 note remained lawful money, Shaibu made this comment in a statement he issued on Saturday.

Keyamo had attributed Buhari’s decision to bad counsel he had gotten from his advisors. Moreover, the minister said that Buhari made the choice without consulting the Federal Executive Council.

In response, Shaibu stated that Keyamo should resign as a minister in order to distance himself from the President’s behaviour if he honestly considered that the President had made a mistake.

Describing Keyamo as a hypocrite, Shaibu noted that Keyamo had in the past defended Buhari’s decision to ignore court orders on the basis of national security.

Shaibu stated, “During his ministerial screening at the Senate in 2019, Keyamo pointedly told the 109 senators gathered that human rights and the rule of law can be put in abeyance for the sake of national security.

“Today that his party is on the receiving end of a policy that will stop vote buying, he suddenly remembers the rule of law and is pontificating on respect of court orders. What a joke! This is a man that abandoned his calling as a human rights activist the moment he was called to the APC’s dinner table in 2018.

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“Keyamo should give up his ostentatious performance of moral propriety; his Mr. Goody two-shoes acts are irritating.”

Atiku’s aide also described as jejune, Keyamo’s claim that Buhari was acting based on wrong advice. He said it was insulting for Keyamo to portray the President as a dullard who does not have a mind of his own.

“Keyamo should be bold enough to condemn the President and resign just as some ministers usually resign in the United Kingdom when they don’t agree with the Prime Minister’s action.

“If he wants to criticise the President, let him do it boldly with his full chest instead of attacking some unnamed advisers of the President and portraying the President as a helpless old man who does not have a mind of his own. That is a cowardly approach,” Shaibu said.

Shaibu wondered why Keyamo failed to exhibit his activism when the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) spent 10 months on strike in 2020 and eight months on strike in 2022.”

He said, “To be clear, Festus Keyamo has been the Minister of State for Labour and Employment since 2019. Under the watch of this retired activist and erstwhile rights crusader, ASUU has spent a combined 18 months on strike in 43 months.

“Keyamo never spoke up. In fact, he dumped ASUU at the negotiation table to go and campaign for Bola Tinubu. When he was confronted on national television, he asked parents to go and negotiate with lecturers. Suddenly, he has found his voice because of a cashless policy that will deter his new master from deploying bullion vans on election day.”

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Atiku’s aide said that since Keyamo had finally received enlightenment, he also ought to resign as spokesman for the Bola Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council.

He said it would be hypocritical of Keyamo, who is a former prosecutor of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to serve as the image maker of Tinubu who is not only under investigation by the EFCC but was made to forfeit $460,000 to American authorities for alleged drug trafficking.

Shaibu stated, “Since Keyamo has suddenly rediscovered his conscience ahead of the election, he also ought to resign as the spokesman for Tinubu’s campaign. He can do this in honour of his former mentor, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, who first exposed the fraudulent past of Bola Tinubu.

“Is it not the height of hypocrisy for Keyamo, a former prosecutor, to be the image maker for Tinubu who forfeited $460,000 to American authorities after being linked to heroin trafficking?”

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