Ramadan: Lagos PDP Charges Muslims To Emulate Prophet Muhammad


The Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has urged them to imbibe the teachings of Prophet Muhammad as the world begins the 2023 Ramadan.

Lagos PDP,  in a statement issued by its Publicity Secretary, Mr Hakeem Amode, said that the holy month calls for retrospection and sober reflection.
“As we begin another journey in the Holy month of Ramadan during which all Muslims are expected to fast for 30 days, we members of the Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are wishing all the Muslims in the state and in other parts of the country Happy Ramadan.
“The holy month of Ramadan is upon us – an auspicious period for practicing Muslims – during which they fast from sunrise to sundown.
“We are about to be purified of all impurity, and happiness is what lies ahead.
“We wish you all a very happy Ramadan as we enjoin us all to see this as an opportunity to rededicate our lives to Almighty Allah that has seen us through all kinds of challenges,” he said.
Amode emphasised that the Holy Month is part of the five pillars of Islam as exemplified by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SWT), who he said made it compulsory for all Muslims to observe 30 days of fasting, apart from old people, women observing monthly period and travellers.
He said: “we in the Lagos PDP believe that this month provides another opportunity for retrospection for all of us in view of the numerous challenges confronting us as a people.
“As we wish you all a fruitful and rewarding month of Ramadan, we believe that the month should be used for us all to have a rethink and work towards a better nation, where both the leaders and the led would be guided by the teachings of the Holy Prophet.
“This should not be just another exercise of fulfilling all righteousness, let us see it as an opportunity for us to change our attitude to life for the better and bequeath a just society to the coming generations.”
The Publicity Secretary added that nation building is a job for everybody, and that the recent events in the country, especially the just concluded general elections, revealed that many Nigerians are far from observing and practising the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SWT).
“The level of violence, intimidation and harassment that characterised the elections are signs that we need to purify ourselves, rededicate our lives and imbibe righteousness during this period and beyond so that we can have a society that would be beneficial to all of us, where there would be peace, tranquility and progress.
“May the Almighty Allah accept all our supplications during this Holy month and give us the nation of our dream,” the statement read.
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