Lagosians Should Not Take Rhodes-Vivour Seriously Anymore- Lagos APC


All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos state, has called on Lagosians not to take the governorship candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour seriously anymore, saying that he allegedly assaulted their sensibilities months to the election by campaigning on ‘tribal rhetoric’ and ‘unpretentious hate’.

Lagos APC explained that his campaign was based on blind, uninformed and bitter criticism of the APC without credible alternative, adding that it was clear to all and sundry that Rhodes-Vivour’s interpretation of free and fair elections was only when he wins.

The party, in a statement issued on Thursday by its State Publicity Secretary, Mr Seye Oladejo, explained that the LP governorship candidate has a poor understanding of traditional religious rites that have helped in keeping the peace of Lagos.

Lagos APC added that his poor understanding of the religious rites has equally made him to disrespect and disdain for traditional rulers and institutions through his utterances and postures.

Lagos APC said ” It’s baffling that rather than tender profuse apologies to Lagosians whose sensibilities he assaulted in the months leading to the elections by campaigning on unpretentious hate, religious bigotry and tribal rhetorics, he has refused to be sober and still has the effrontery to play the victim.

” It’s baffling that the law enforcement agencies have not invited him for questioning for his incitement and call for anarchy because he lost an election.

” We found it amazing that his understanding of justice and fairness is when he wins an election by merely leveraging on opportunism and unsustainable spur of the moment.

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” During the electioneering campaign, Lagosians laboured in vain to identify his selling points, pedigree and the substance of his manifestos.

” The reality remains that a campaign based on blind , uninformed and bitter criticism of the ruling party without a credible alternative could only end in failure”.

The party added ” He failed to discern the political sophistication of the largely civilized Lagos voters who were able to successfully draw a line between political choices, religious beliefs and tribal sentiments which were the kernels of Rhodes-Vivour’s campaign.

” It’s now clear to all and sundry that his interpretation of free and fair elections is only when he wins. This is consistent with the position of his principal , Peter Obi, who has successfully hypnotized his minority followers.

” It was convenient to ignore incidents of violent attacks and killings of the APC supporters across the state and play the victim by allegedly visiting unidentifiable and unverifiable patients.

” For Rhodes-Vivour, his healing process should start by tendering unreserved apologies to all Lagosians for his attempt to desecrate the land, needless blood letting, unprovoked insults to the ancestors and an attempted civilian coup by claiming victory like his principal after being roundly defeated.

” We may, however, understand your plight for misunderstanding the religious rites that has being a periodical ceremony to ensure peace and harmony in our dear state after all you do not ‘ think in yoruba’.

” We chose to ignore the his disrespect and disdain for traditional rulers and institutions by his utterances and postures”.

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Lagos APC said that his apprehension about a free and fair elections under Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Presidency showed Rhodes-Vivour as a poor student of history, adding that Tinubu has unmatchable democratic credentials built on many years of sacrifice and painstaking service to Nigeria.

” By voting Tinubu, Nigerians have opted for a prepared Presidency that can only usher in unprecedented development, peace and the restoration of our place of pride in the comity of nations.

” Perhaps we need to wake you up to the reality that the elections are over. True Lagosians will not appreciate further distractions from you as Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu focuses on finishing strong and prepares for a greater Lagos in the next dispensation. You may , however , wish to approach the courts and put a stop to this immature grandstanding”, Said Lagos APC.

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