Cameroon Commences Online Visa Application Service

Cameroonian foreign minister, Lejeune Mbella, has said that all applications for entry visas to Cameroon will be done online starting from April 30.

According to the minister, applications would be carried out “exclusively” through a dedicated website,, after which an online visa authorization will be issued to the applicant.

The applicant can then go to either a diplomatic mission or a border post to actually obtain the visa, Mbella said in a statement earlier on Thursday night.

Mbella said for applicants in areas far-flung from a diplomatic mission or those not covered by a mission, “an online visa authorization, together with a QR code, shall round off the phase.”

The procedure will be completed within 72 hours from the date of pre-enrollment, or 24 hours in the case of express visa applications, the minister said.

“Cameroon’s e-visa system is part of an effort to turn Cameroon into a more attractive destination, while at the same time addressing some of the concerns of Cameroon’s diaspora and aligning our consular system with the highest international standard.”

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