90% Of What AY Said Was A Lie- Basketmouth Reacts


Nigerian comedian, Bright Okpocha, popularly known as Basketmouth, has disclosed that the unpaid N30,000 fee his colleague AY claimed to be the reason for their rift is actually not the issue.

Basketmouth revealed this during an interview he had with OAP Nedu on ‘The Honest Bunch’, which was shared on social media on Monday.

He said, “So what happened was Alibaba called me, he said I should check AY out and put him on, so I put him on laugh and jams back then, we were supposed to come together to start something .

“ I heard something that threw me off, things I was not supposed to hear and know. I was shocked and I could not tell him what I heard, so I kept shut and I waited for him to do something first. I distanced myself from him.

“When the matter came up, there was no client, if 20 percent of what he said was a lie, I won’t get mad but 90 percent of what he said was a lie, I was still in shock, and all my guys were laughing at me because they warned me. It was just one job. You know the funny men I have around me. How will I jump them and give a show to that guy?

“When I heard he was not paid, I told Magnus to pay him and they paid him. He removed that information.”

“No client was involved. It was me, him, and Magnus, and when he did what he did, I was not surprised because I was expecting him to do it. That was when I gave him space. There was never friendship, there was never a time.”

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