I’ll Not Hold Nigerian Passport With Tinubu As President- Former Lagos Deputy Governor

Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Sinatu Ojikutu, has revealed that she has begun the process of renouncing her Nigerian citizenship and is planning to leave the country, due to what she described as continuous humiliation since Bola Tinubu emerged as President-elect.

Ojikutu had vowed to renounce her citizenship if Tinubu ever became president.

Speaking to reporters, the former deputy governor revealed that she has already taken the first steps to obtain citizenship in another country.

“I will not hold a Nigerian passport with Bola Tinubu as president. I am praying to God to give me a nation where I can reside for the rest of my life,” she said.

Ojikutu went on to explain that since Tinubu’s victory, she has been subjected to humiliation and dishonor, despite the fact that she should have been treated with respect in certain circles.

“I have been ostracized and humiliated in places where I should be honored because of his not being at peace with me,” she said.

The former deputy governor stated that she has already handed over the process of obtaining citizenship in a new country to her lawyers and is working on it before May 29.

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