1983 Set Of New Era Girls Secondary School To Celebrate 40th Anniversary


Harmony Green Girls, Class of ‘83 of New Era Girls’ Secondary School Lagos, has unveiled plans aimed at helping students identify their strengths, weaknesses and matching them with their skills and interests in order to find the ideal career fit for them.

This according to class of 83, was to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the institution where they were groomed as girls to develop their innate talents and potentials to the fullest which they say has served as the foundation for their various illustrious careers and achievements in life.

The event, which was scheduled to hold from May 12 – 14, 2023, would be celebrated by all students who attended the school from1978-1983 and other well-wishers.

In a statement issued by Harmony Green Girls Class of ‘83, activities lined up for the event includes Health Seminar where professionals will educate on having a healthier life, a visit to the Pacelli School, a Jumat Service, Interdenominational Service and fund raising for school projects.

The school which was named after a club in Breadfruit Church was founded in 1948 as the first indigenous girls secondary school in Lagos State. Prominent personalities among the founders were Mrs. Remi Doherty, Mrs.Alade, Mrs. Bucknor, Ladies Ademola, Abayomi, Bank Anthony, Alakija, Chief(Mrs) J.K Sagoe, Mrs Ayo Manuwa, Mrs. Soetan, and Mrs. Gomez.

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