Palestine Petitions UN, Demands Israel Leaves Territories


The State of Palestine has petitioned the United Nations, demanding that Israel leaves what it described as “its territory” amid the ongoing conflict.

On October 8, the Palestinian militant group Hamas attacked Israel in a shocking move. Over 1,500 people have been confirmed dead in the conflict with fears that the death toll could increase.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja on Tuesday, the Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullahp Shawesh called on the UN to apply international law on Israel and compel her to seize its occupation of Palestinian territories.

Shawesh stated that the applicability of the law will bring a halt to the conflict, otherwise, the Palestinians will continue to exercise what he describes as their legitimate right to liberate and defend themselves.

According to him, Israelis have continued to pulverize Gaza, bombing the third oldest church in the world, killing nearly a thousand Palestinians, out of which 140 are children and 105 women. He stated that 4,100 are injured while 123,000 are currently internally displaced with the numbers expected to rise.

As Israel orders a siege on the Gaza Strip cutting off electricity, water, food and fuel, videos continue to show explosions levelling buildings.

The Palestinian ambassador however insisted that they are not deterred but determined to defeat and end Israeli aggression and occupation of their territories.

Meanwhile, Israel’s ambassador to Nigeria, Michael Freeman, on Monday accused Iran of being the mastermind behind Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Freeman claimed that Iran was funding the conflict in order to destabilise the region surrounding Israel.

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“It’s a major concern for us. We know that Iran is behind these attacks by Hamas. Iran is the one who gave permission. Iran is the one who funds Hamas. They are doing everything in order to destabilise the region,” he said on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

“They are also backing Hezbollah and Lebanon; they are backing other terror groups in the West Bank. They are backing terror groups in Syria. Iran is doing everything because they don’t want to see progress. They don’t want to see peace, they want to see death and destruction,” he said.

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