We’re Not Beggars, Ogun CDA Chairman Slams Abiodun Over Bag Of Rice Palliative


A man who claims to be the chairman of Shokeye Community Development Area in Ogun State has slammed Governor Dapo Abiodun over the distribution of palliatives in the state.

In a video now trending on social media, he is seen with a branded bag palliative, which, according to him, contains rice for 147 households in Shokeye Estate.

He said, “I was just at home when they brought this for me as palliative for the whole of Shokeye Estate. In this estate, we have 147 houses with families and tenants.

“I’m confused now; I don’t know how to share this with 147 households in Shokeye Estate.

“I’m talking to Dapo Abiodun now; if you people know that you cannot do something, then don’t do it.

“We are not hungry; we are not beggars. So we don’t need your rice as palliative. This is not even up to one-eight of a bag of rice.

“We don’t need this rice; if you want to give us palliatives, don’t insult us. This is an insult. Shokeye Estate refuses to be insulted.”


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