Blackface Knocks Rema’s Lyrics For ‘Lacking Morals’


Former Plantashun Boiz star, Ahmedu Augustine popularly known as Blackface, has called out singer Rema over his lyrics, stating that his lyrics have no morals.

In a guest appearance on “The Honest Bunch podcast” which was shared on Monday, Blackface voiced his concerns regarding the content of Rema’s songs.

The musician expressed his dissatisfaction with the current trend in music, stating that many popular songs fail to portray Nigeria in a positive light.

Ahmedu used one of Rema’s songs as an illustration, he pointed out that the lack of moral values in the music industry was a cause for concern.

He further stated that if his daughter were to introduce someone like Rema as her prospective spouse, he would not hesitate to ask them to leave his house. Blackface attributed this decision to his belief that a person’s lyrics are a reflection of their thoughts and values.

In pidgin English, he said in part, “All those songs wey them dey sing so, them dey represent Nigeria in a good light? I get money pass your papa, I get money pass your mama.

“You no know say I get money pass your papa, Na that kain boy my daughter wan carry come house for me say daddy I like this man I want to marry him?

“I go kick two of una go outside, because this song, number one has no morals because what you speak comes from the heart.”


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