Netizens Condemn Nigerian Roads Over Viral Post By UK Minister


A picture of a pothole posted on the official X handle of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has gone viral as netizens compare what he described as a pothole to the state of Nigerian roads.

The caption read, “Following today’s announcement, this could be the last photo of a politician pointing at a pothole.

“We’re investing £8 billion to improve your local roads and fix potholes for the long term.”

A statement on the official website of the UK government also read, “Millions of people will enjoy smoother, safer and faster road journeys thanks to the biggest-ever road resurfacing programme to improve local roads.

“Today, November 17, Transport Secretary Mark Harper has set out the allocations of an £8.3 billion long-term plan, enough to resurface over 5,000 miles of road across the country over the next 11 years.”

Netizens on X have since started to react to the post by the PM, stating deplorable condition of roads in Nigeria.

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu, wrote on X, “Our own potholes will sink a trailer, then witches and wizards will be blamed for the incidence, while the politicians that didn’t fix the problem will be defended by their victims.”

An X user, Etinosa Anthony, replied, “That’s a pothole? Wow! What would we call the ones we have in Nigeria like this?”

A tweet by Boluwatife wrote, “Nah this one be potholes? Wetin you go con call Ogun State road?”

Wilfred E. Orhue commented, “In Nigeria, the potholes point directly to the destiny of your car and life.”

Jaydon tweeted, “How can you even be calling this a pothole?! Nigeria don damage me!”

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Reacting to the stated allocation to fix the road, Elphizzy replied, “They’re actually spending £8b to fix potholes and improve already good roads. What’s Nigeria’s entire budget again?”

Mr. El-Bonga commented, “See the pothole they’re talking about. Someone should take them to those dangerous potholes in Nigeria.”

Yusuf Mohammed simply wrote, “This isn’t considered a pothole in Nigeria,” while Jarex2_official replied, “If this is a pothole, then we have Olympic-sized swimming pools in Nigeria.”

OluwaseunL7216 tweeted, “See what is called a “pothole” in the UK. In Nigeria, this will only be attended to after it has damaged many vehicles and after several budget allocations to fix it.”

Damilare Obabiyi wrote, “If this is a pothole and it got four politicians standing and discussing it, then Nigeria is hell because I don’t know what to call our roads.”

Brian-Gabriel tweeted, “You forgot the part where lawmakers use the same potholes to justify their need for expensive foreign SUVs. Nigeria is an asylum.”


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