Director’s Death: Ogun PDP Asks Abiodun To Submit Himself For Investigation


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun state, has called on governor Dapo Abiodun to submit himself for investigtion over the death late Director of Finance and Administration, Taiwo Oyekanmi.

Ogun PDP also demanded transparency and accountability during the investigation.

The Party, in a statement issued by its Publicity Secretary, Akinloye Bankole questioned the circumstances surrounding the murder and the large sum of money involved, calling on the governor to submit himself for investigation.

Ogun PDP expressed condolences to the family of the deceased and the Ogun State Civil Service, emphasizing the need for the government to address pertinent concerns.

It raised questions about the withdrawal of funds from the Governor’s office, highlighting the absence of police escorts for Oyekanmi during the transaction.

According to it, the deceased was intentionally exposed to danger and insists on clarity regarding the purpose of the substantial cash withdrawal.

The party demanded answers on whether the withdrawn funds belong to Ogun State government-authorized bank accounts or private accounts using the Governor’s office as a cover.

Stressing the importance of openness and transparency, the party asserted that the Governor must reveal the legitimate owners of the allegedly stolen money, considering his role as a trustee of public assets.

The PDP also expressed skepticism about the timing and motive behind the bounty announcement, cautioning against using it as a mere media stunt.

The party insisted that the government must provide honest and detailed information, especially since the police have raised an alarm pointing to an “in-house suspect.”

The PDP called for a thorough, independent investigation by the relevant committee of the State House of Assembly to uncover the truth.

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The PDP underscored the government’s responsibility to the people and insists that Governor Abiodun should not overlook the concerns raised by citizens.

The party advocated for accountability, urging the Governor to fully cooperate with any investigation to ensure justice for the late Finance Director and maintain public trust in the government.

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