Xmas Gifts: PalmPay Surprises Winners With iPhone 15, TECNO Phantom X2



Lucky winners in the just-concluded PalmPay Savings Challenge have described their winning of iPhone 15 and TECNO Phantom X2 smartphones as an unexpected ‘Detty December’ gift from the leading fintech company.

“I feel very excited about winning a TECNO Phantom X2. I have been using PalmPay for two years, so this win was unexpected,” said university undergraduate Adesola Adehuwa, who won one of five TECNO Phantom X2 smartphones.

Another winner, Chiamaka Uche, who started using PalmPay about five months ago, described the digital payments company as the “best fintech platform,” adding that she’s “seen a lot of benefits from the huge interest rates, the network and all.”

PalmPay launched the savings challenge to encourage millions of its users and other Nigerians to imbibe the habit of saving as part of a broader financial literacy initiative to help drive financial inclusion among the unbanked population in Nigeria.

During the campaign, users earned a daily interest rate of 16 per cent per annum on their trial cash gifted to them by PalmPay.

The interest generated from the trial cash was credited daily to their savings account as spendable money.

Trial cash is a distinctive reward designed to let users explore the benefits of the PalmPay App’s flexible savings feature. Though this is not real money, users get a spendable daily interest of 16 per cent per annum in exchange for their trial cash.

PalmPay users were gifted N10 billion trial cash during the campaign. Ten lucky users with the highest trial cash were each drawn to win either an iPhone 15 or a TECNO Phantom X2 in the final round of the savings challenge.

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There were five iPhone 15 smartphones, each having a market value of over a million naira, and five TECNO Phantom X2 smartphones, each worth four hundred thousand naira, up for grabs in the ten-day-long savings campaign.

The winners said they were excited about their smartphones, urged PalmPay to keep up with the good work of being a fintech platform for Nigerians and encouraged other users to continue to use PalmPay for their financial transactions.

“I want to tell other users to continue using PalmPay for their financial transactions, especially the savings feature with its 20% interest rate. Also, I want PalmPay to keep up with the good work and continue to bless the poor,” Mr Adehuwa said.

Ms Uche urged other users to “keep using PalmPay,” adding, “I’ve been with other fintech platforms, and I can say that none comes close to PalmPay. I want to encourage them to keep participating in other campaigns.”

To enjoy discounts and bonuses when you shop using PalmPay and to participate in our upcoming campaigns, download the PalmPay App via Also, visit our social media platforms – @PalmPay Nigeria – for more information.

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