Christmas: Jonathan Urges Nigerians To Embrace Love, Unity


Former President Goodluck Jonathan has extended Christmas greetings to Nigerians, urging them to embrace love, peace, humility, and sacrifice.

In his 2023 Christmas message shared on his X account on Monday, the former President emphasised the significance of the season in fostering unity and rebuilding the nation.

Jonathan encouraged citizens to uphold moral principles, exhibit faith, and contribute to the progress of the country through acts of love and kindness.

He wrote, “Compliments of the season, fellow Nigerians and friends around the world.

“On behalf of my family, I bring you greetings as we celebrate this year’s Christmas.

“The Christmas story is an inspiring one, full of messages of peace, hope, and joy to the whole world. It is rooted in God’s love for humanity and His infinite mercy manifested through the birth of Jesus Christ.

“The birth of Jesus Christ marks a new beginning and a new destiny for all believers. It is the fulfillment of many prophecies about the coming of the Saviour who will save us from sin and other difficulties.

“This celebration invites us to be true witnesses to our faith as followers of Christ and to manifest the virtues of peace, love, humility and sacrifice.

“To all citizens, this period should serve as a moment to reawaken our faith in God and our country and live with the assurance that despite our challenges, we can surmount them through our shared acts of love and faith.

“Let us make the most of this season to rebuild our country by showing love to our neighbours and upholding moral principles that will deepen the thread that binds us together as a people.

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“Let us utilise this opportunity to provide hope to those in need and take steps that will contribute to advancing our nation’s progress.

“Let us observe this season in the spirit of love, peace, and unity.

“Merry Christmas to Nigerians and the rest of humanity. -GEJ”


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