Bwala Sitting On victory Table Enjoying Spoils From Victory He Did Not Fight- Tinubu’s Former  South East Spokesman 


The former Spokesperson of President Bola Tinubu in the south east, Dr. Josef Onoh has told the new presidential recruit, Daniel Bwala that he (Bwala) is the reason the president’s aides have remained silent in defence of the president over the prevailing hardship in the country.

Bwala was the spokesperson for the Atiku-Okowa presidential campaign organisation during the last year’s general election, but was recently absorbed the President.

Responding to Bwala, Onoh accused him of being one of the reasons supports like himself went into hiding and not speaking up for the president.

Onoh said that they were in hiding because Bwala told has said that Tinubu had already spent 31.8 percent of his first term in office and had only succeeded in raising the sufferings of Nigerians during this period, recalling also that Bwala said that even if Tinubu is. given 30 years, nothing will happen.

Onoh said that it was unfortunate that  red carpet was rolled out for Bwala to see President Tinubu at the detriment of those that worked hard for the President.

Going down memory lane, Onoh said: “We are in hiding because you told us that whenever they say Tinubu built Lagos, they would show you areas of Lagos where the private sector players built by themselves in their bussiness interests; that Tinubu takes credit where he did not sow. ‘Where is Lagos IGR and allocations for these years,’ you asked

“We are in hiding because you told us that President Bola Tinubu may be disqualified from contesting the 2023 presidential elections over his connection to a drug trafficking case in the United States of America. We are in hiding because you told us that you did not expect the ministers sworn in by President Bola Tinubu to perform at more than 15 percent. So why complain now they are living up to your expectations?

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“We are hiding because you told us you feel that when it comes to the number of ministers, the president was more particular about politics than governance. We are in hiding because you told us that The number of governors in the cabinet and the portfolios assigned to some individuals were purely political.

“We are in hiding because you told us that the Apc wants to make lies a statecraft. When we announced that the then president-elect was traveling on an official visit where he’ll meet with investors, you asked How many days he’s been away? You haven’t seen a picture of him alighting from a plane or investors receiving him. At least we have seen a picture of him receiving you in Paris and what you intend to invest is what we are waiting to see.

“We are in hiding because you told us that Tinubu becomes president on May 29, he’ll have about six or seven months before he’ll be sacked and then you and the PDP will come and take over the power. Today we see how you intend to take power from us that worked for the President, although now in hiding.

“We are in hiding because you told us that our President was the ‘president-select’, and not the ‘president-elect’. You said Tinubu was selected by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as their preferred candidate. I’m glad you’ve now joined the queue to be selected by the same president you called president select.

“We are in hiding because you told us that the human brain is unique and miraculous. It works and functions optically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you join the APC  it stopped working. I’m glad your claim has come to pass because if your brain was working, you wouldn’t have the audacity to ask why we are in hiding.

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“We are in hiding because you told us that it is safe to assume president Tinubu was missing. We are glad you found him in Paris strong, healthy and fit with the tenacity and strength of the African buffalo.

“We are in hiding because you once wrote about the ‘Tale of a country: two presidents, a substantive one and a selected one’. Both are out of the country as of today, one on a medical your he called dental care; the other calls his own official visit. Their medical needs can adequately be met in Nigeria’s hospitals, public or private. Sad

“We are in hiding because you told us that President Bola Tinubu can only lead Lagos not Nigeria. We are in hiding because you once described the President as someone who has no hope because he is worse than the Labour Party candidate.

“We are in hiding because you told us that President Tinubu is a tribal evangelist championing an ethnic agenda. You described Tinubu’s then visit to Fasoranti as the crawling of a rat at night to steal meat from the pot. Today you’re working hard to partake of the stolen meat.

“We are in hiding because you said President Bola Tinubu’s appointments are nepotistic and now has earned the status of nepotism pro max 15. We are in hiding because you told us how you rejected Tinubu’s appointment offer before dumping APC and the same you today still came out to tell us you will appreciate if President Bola Tinubu offers you any form of appointment.

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“So the president’s appointees and supporters are still in a state of total confusion awaiting recovery as you reap where you did not sow.

“Finally we are hiding because the APC reward system is critically flawed and has created a tremendous vaccum between the president and his genuine supporters and until the president takes inspiration from  Genghis Khan when he laid siege to Bukhara, he could not take it by storm, and he wrote to the inhabitants of the city: ‘He who is on our side is safe.’ The inhabitants of Bukhara were divided into two groups. The first of them refused to obey Genghis Khan, while the second agreed. Genghis Khan wrote to those who agreed to submit to him: ‘If you help fight those of you who refused, we will entrust your city to you.’

“So they followed his order and war broke out between the two groups. In the end, the supporters of Genghis Khan won, but the big shock was that  Genghis Khan ordered his men to kill them. And then Genghis Khan uttered the words: ‘If they were true, they would not have betrayed their brothers for us, when we were strangers to them.’

“My Moral submission to Mr President is that he who betrays once, betrays twice. Be assured we are not hiding nor afraid to speak in your defence. I for one will speak for you a thousand times over, but the majority of your die hard supporters feel betrayed by many of the appointments you have made so far as most of your appointees were same people we fought against during the campaign and they were never at the forefront of your battle only to now sit on the victory table enjoying the spoils from a victory they did not fight.”

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