Teon Engine Revolutionizes African Marketing with Data-Driven Innovations


Teon Engine, the innovative Nigerian arm of Precise Platforms (a leading marketing communications company in Nigeria), is shattering outdated traditional marketing strategies with its intelligent, data-driven solutions. Forget dusty old playbooks – they’re throwing open the doors to a new era of “Turning on the Market” through creativity and cutting-edge technology.

Nestled in the heart of Lagos’ vibrant tech hub, Teon Engine doesn’t just talk innovation, it embodies it. Its arsenal? The Teon Suites, a suite of meticulously crafted tools designed to empower brands at every stage of their marketing journey. This isn’t just storytelling, it is storyselling.

Its comprehensive suite of “MarTech” solutions is designed to empower brands across every stage of the marketing journey. One of such is the TrendTeon. This innovation isn’t the average social listening tool. TrendTeon acts as a campaign aggregation platform, facilitating direct connections between brands and influencers. Forget sifting through endless profiles – both parties can easily find ideal partners, streamlining collaboration and maximizing efficiency.

PollTeon, another innovative tool from Teon Engine is designed to crave audience insights. PollTeon serves as your opinion-gathering powerhouse. Craft engaging polls, collect valuable data, and analyze results with ease. It also enables users to share their findings seamlessly and gain a deeper understanding of their target audience.

On the other hand, SurveyTeon enables users to dive deeper with and positioned to be a researcher’s dream tool. It designs dynamic surveys with diverse question types, gather high-quality data, and extract meaningful insights to inform your next steps.

The Teon Suites are more than just tools. Teon Engine’s power lies in its combination of technology and human expertise. Funke Ogunsina, Chief Operating Officer, highlights this transformative approach: “Teon Engine represents a paradigm shift in African marketing communications. We blend cutting-edge technology with deep strategic expertise, empowering brands to unlock their full potential and truly ‘Turn on the Market’.”

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Ogunsina emphasizes Teon Engine’s commitment to pushing boundaries saying “We operate under the ‘FURTHER FORWARD’ ideology, constantly pushing boundaries and unlocking new possibilities for clients. Marketing communication needs continuous reinvention, and we’re here to lead the charge.”

Teon Engine is already making waves, partnering with Prof Tunji Azeez an astute professor in LASU, Marketing Edge the leading marketing news platform in Nigeria and so many other collaborations and partnership are in the works and will be announced subsequently. With its data-driven approach, powerful tools, and dedication to growth, Teon Engine is poised to be a game-changer in the African marketing landscape. They’re not just telling brand stories, they’re empowering brands to become active participants in the conversation, one click, one insight, one connection at a time.

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