Truck Drivers Threaten Strike  Action Over Spate Of Attacks 



Truck drivers in Nigeria are threatening to embark on strike considering the spate of attacks they have faced while transporting food items across the nation in recent weeks.

Yusuf Othman, the National President of the Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners, who spoke with reporters on Tuesday, warned that the truck drivers may consider ceasing their services.

“We are affected negatively by these attacks and right now we are strategizing. It might interest you to know that the insurance we get do not cover riots or such fracas.

“So, we are appealing to the general public to avoid such attacks on our trucks. This is because if such kinds of attacks continue, what will happen is that transporters will stop carrying food items and this will lead to food scarcity across the country” he said.

Speaking further on the issue, he pointed out how defenseless truck drivers become in the face of attack, due to the fact that often times, they didn’t expect such situations.

“If you are transporting food and somebody stops you on the road and lootes the food items, what will you do?,” he queried.

Recall that several reports have circulated about the numerous trucks and warehouses have been targeted by hoodlums lately, due to the scarcity of foos occasioned by the harsh economic situation of the country.

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