Tinubu Urges NASS To Exercise Restraint In Oversight Functions



President Bola Tinubu has urged members of the National Assembly to practice moderation when summoning heads of ministries, departments, and agencies before parliamentary committees.

Addressing attendees at the Ramadan fast-breaking event on Wednesday in Abuja alongside Speaker Tajudeen Abbas and other House leaders, the President emphasized the importance of oversight for upholding transparency and accountability in governance.

However, he cautioned against excessive summoning of officials, noting that it could disrupt operations and impede service delivery to citizens.

”I have been watching various committees summoning ministers and heads of agencies. I have complained to the Speaker to let the poor breathe. Let these people do the job. We are not saying that you are not influential. We are not saying you cannot do your oversight.

“But consider the primary duty of each agency, its personnel, or the responsibilities of the Governor of the Central Bank or the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance to you and the entire nation.

”If they are distracted or disturbed, maybe we will shift parliamentary sitting all through the night. We must find a way to accommodate one another. This is an appeal to you. See if you can accept representatives in some instances or even documentations,” the President said.

President Tinubu further lauded the existing cordial relationship between the executive and the legislature, expressing confidence in the ability of the National Assembly to uphold good governance.

He noted that the harmonious working relationship had resulted in the expeditious passage of several bills to improve the welfare of Nigerians.

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”We are making sacrifices for the country, and we are assuring citizens that there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

”We must have faith, and please do not forget your constituencies and remember what they are going through.

”I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing, but it is for our country. There is nothing personal about this. It is for Nigeria, and we have no other country but Nigeria,” Tinubu added.

Reacting to recent reports of the dastardly killing of soldiers on national duty in Delta State, the President expressed his condolences to the families of the bereaved, pledging hat the sacrifices of the fallen heroes would never be in vain.

He also asserted that the officers would be given a befitting burial and national honours.

”In responding to distress calls, they met the end of their lives in a savage manner. Let us work to sympathize and symbolize the fact that they are worth the sacrifices they have made for Nigeria.

”We salute all our men and women in uniform, and we sympathize with them. I will soon make further pronouncements, but they must have a befitting burial and national honours,” the President said.

In his remarks, the Speaker harped on the importance of forgiveness, generosity, and prayers during Ramadan, calling for a united Nigeria and support for the President.

He stated: ”I want to urge us to use this month to increase our good deeds and minimize our bad deeds

”So far, so good, the House has been very supportive of the President and his policies, and we shall continue to ensure that we work together.”

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