Production Company Shut Down In Ogun Over Environmental Pollution



The Ogun State government, as part of its ongoing efforts to protect residents from the harmful effects of environmental violations, has taken action against Food Agro and Allied Industries Limited, located along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway in Ijako, Sango-Ota.

During an inspection in Sango-Ota, Alhaji Farook Akintunde, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Environment and Chairman of the state Taskforce on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement, revealed that the company had been found guilty of bypassing its Effluent Treatment Plants.

The company was consequently closed down for flouting environmental regulations and disregarding government directives.

The production plant was also accused of releasing untreated wastewater into the surrounding environment, including the recently rehabilitated Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, posing a threat to public infrastructure and the health of local residents.

Akintunde further explained that the company was also responsible for environmental degradation due to oil spillage, which not only caused harm but also threatened the groundwater of nearby communities.

He stated that despite previous warnings and a stop-work order from the state government, the company failed to address these infractions.

Consequently, the government had no choice but to shut down the company to safeguard the environment and prevent further harm to the surrounding communities.

The taskforce chairman emphasized that the company would remain closed until all violations were rectified and approved by the state government. He also assured that the Ministry would continue to enforce environmental compliance measures.

While acknowledging compliant industries, he advised environmental offenders to adhere to regulations, as the state remained committed to ensuring proper environmental governance.

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