Kano Bans Movies Promoting Cross-Dressing, Thuggery


In a bid to safeguard cultural values and deter the promotion of criminal activities, the Kano State Film Censorship Board has issued a directive prohibiting the screening of movies that depict or endorse cross-dressing and thuggery within the state.

This announcement was made by the Executive Secretary of the board, Abba El-Mustapha, during a crucial meeting with management and stakeholders from Kannywood, the Hausa-language film industry.

According to Abdullahi Sulaiman, the spokesman for the board, the decision to ban such films stems from growing concerns among the public regarding the potential negative influence on young people and the erosion of traditional values.

El-Mustapha emphasized the importance of preserving customs, norms, and values, stating, “It is high time to fish out any film that may demoralize our customs, norms, and values in the name of reaching popularity, viewers, or business making.”

This directive comes amidst differing interpretations of Nigerian law regarding cross-dressing. While the Nigeria Police Force asserts that cross-dressing is not a criminal offense, the controversial nature of the lifestyle raises questions about its alignment with societal norms.

Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Police Public Relations Officer, clarified that individuals like Bobrisky, a prominent figure in the cross-dressing community, cannot be arrested solely based on their choice of clothing or lifestyle.

Adejobi reiterated that the police are bound by the law and cannot infringe upon individual freedoms unless they engage in unlawful activities.

The decision by the Kano State Film Censorship Board reflects ongoing debates surrounding cultural preservation, freedom of expression, and societal norms in Nigeria.

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While stakeholders in the Kannywood industry may face challenges in adhering to these regulations, the board said it remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding traditional values.

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