Junior Pope: Actors Guild of Nigeria Halts Riverine Film Productions



In response to the devastating boat accident that led to the demise of Nollywood actor Junior Pope and three crew members, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has taken decisive action.

AGN’s President, Ejezie Rollas, announced in a circular dated April 11, 2024, shared on social media, that all film productions involving riverine areas and boat rides are suspended indefinitely.

The circular also forbade actors from participating in any projects produced by Adanma Luke until further notice. Luke was the producer behind the film “The Other Side of Life,” featuring Junior Pope before his untimely passing.

The guild’s decision underscores the seriousness with which it views safety concerns in film production, aiming to prevent further tragedies within the industry.

The AGN statement read, “Following the tragic incident of a boat mishap that claimed the life of Junior Pope and three other crew members at waterside of River Niger Cable point Asaba on April 10, all films that involve riverine areas and boat riding are hereby suspended indefinitely.

“There should be no shoot on all locations nationwide on Thursday, April 11, 2024.

“The film titled ‘The other side of Life’ is suspended indefinitely.

“Also, no actor is allowed to work with Adamma Luke as a producer till further notice.

“While we keep searching for the bodies of the remaining persons, may their souls rest in peace.”

Initial reports on Wednesday indicated that Nollywood actor Junior Pope, along with four crew members, tragically perished in a boat accident while en route from the film set.

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However, conflicting information emerged when Ejezie Rollas, the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, posted on his social media platform, stating that Junior Pope had survived and was undergoing medical care.

Subsequently, Rollas deleted the post, leading to confusion and speculation regarding the actor’s fate.

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