NCC Hosts Rack Centre Delegation In Abuja


In a promising start to the new year, Rack Centre’s CEO, Johannisson, embarked on a proactive mission, stepping into the corridors of the NCC with a vision for fruitful collaboration.

Harnessing the potential of their existing relationship, Johannisson sought to cultivate deeper ties between his company and the nation’s telecommunication regulatory body.

With a spirit of innovation and cooperation, he engaged in dialogue aimed at fostering mutual growth and advancement in the dynamic landscape of telecommunications. This forward-thinking approach signifies a commitment to progress and partnership, laying the groundwork for a future of innovation and connectivity.

Engr. Abraham Oshadami, embodying the vision of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), welcomed a distinguished delegation from Rack Centre with open arms at the Headquarters.

Standing in for the esteemed Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Dr. Aminu Maida, Oshadami epitomized the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

As they gathered on a Tuesday morning, the air was charged with anticipation, signaling the beginning of a fruitful exchange of ideas and expertise between two pillars of Nigeria’s technological landscape.

In the heart of Africa, amidst the bustling technological landscape, emerged Rack Centre in 2012—a beacon of innovation and reliability.

Born from a vision to redefine data storage, it stands tall as the continent’s sole carrier-neutral Tier III Constructed Facility Certified data center.

With a singular dedication to excellence, Rack Centre pioneers best-in-class colocation services, offering a sanctuary for data amidst the digital storm.

Here, connectivity knows no bounds, fostering a seamless interplay between carriers and customers, unleashing the full potential of collaboration and communication.

Like a fortress of the future, Rack Centre stands as a testament to ingenuity and progress, where data finds its sanctuary and technology meets its match.

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In its halls, the pulse of Africa’s digital ambitions beats strong, a testament to the power of innovation and the boundless possibilities of tomorrow.

Nestled within the bustling cityscape of Lagos, Rack Centre stands tall as the epicenter of digital connectivity in Africa. At its heart lies the beating pulse of the continent’s internet landscape—the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN).

Imagine stepping into Rack Centre, where the air hums with the vibrant energy of data flowing seamlessly across borders and cultures. It’s more than just a data center; it’s a melting pot of innovation and collaboration. Here, tech enthusiasts and industry leaders converge, drawn by the promise of a connected future.

As you wander through the sleek corridors, you can feel the tangible buzz of creativity and possibility. Every server rack holds the potential to spark the next groundbreaking idea, every fiber optic cable a lifeline connecting people and communities.

At the helm of it all is the IXPN, a beacon of progress and unity in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. It’s not just about exchanging data; it’s about fostering relationships, bridging divides, and propelling Africa into a new era of technological advancement.

In this narrative, Rack Centre isn’t just a facility—it’s a catalyst for change, a symbol of Africa’s burgeoning presence in the global tech scene. And at its core, the IXPN stands as a testament to the power of connectivity to transform lives and shape the future.

Conclusively, in the bustling digital landscape of the West African coast, a dynamic exchange hub emerges, boasting a network of 73+ ASNs and a diverse array of local and global networks. With its fingers intricately woven into the fabric of enterprise, CDNs, cloud, and content providers, this exchange serves as the beating heart of connectivity for over 380 million souls. Here, data flows like the vibrant rhythms of the region, fueling innovation, collaboration, and progress across borders and beyond horizons.

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