NPF To Implement Full Drone System To Enhance Security


The Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, has announced plans for the Nigeria Police Force to establish a comprehensive drone system aimed at addressing the country’s security challenges.

Egbetokun disclosed this initiative during the inaugural Distinguished Personality Lecture organized by the TETFUND Centre of Excellence in Multidisciplinary Studies (TCEMS) at the University of Ibadan.

The lecture, titled “The Nigeria Police Force and the Management of Internal Security,” provided a platform for Egbetokun to outline the force’s strategic plans. Despite the police force already possessing a drone, Egbetokun emphasized the need for a full-fledged drone system capable of monitoring the entire nation from the police headquarters in Abuja.

This advanced system aims to enhance the ability to detect and apprehend criminals in real-time.

“The ungoverned spaces will soon become governed,” Egbetokun stated, highlighting the potential impact of the drone system on crime surveillance and prevention.

In addition to the drone initiative, Egbetokun announced the establishment of a Special Intervention Squad (SIS) in all states to combat kidnapping, banditry, and other criminal activities.

He noted the success of the SIS in the Federal Capital Territory, where its deployment has led to numerous arrests and the recovery of weapons.

The police chief also detailed the creation of anti-kidnapping units across various states, emphasizing their role in intelligence gathering and rapid response. These units have conducted successful rescue operations, ensuring the safe return of kidnapped victims and the apprehension of kidnappers.

Addressing the challenges faced by the force, Egbetokun cited manpower shortages, inadequate equipment, public distrust, and insufficient budgetary provisions. Despite these obstacles, he reaffirmed the police force’s dedication to protecting the lives and property of Nigerian citizens.

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In his remarks, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Prof. Kayode Adebowale, praised Egbetokun for his forward-thinking approach to managing national security issues. Dr. Benjamin Aluko, Acting Director of TCEMS, remarked that the lecture aimed to foster constructive discussions to reshape Nigeria’s security landscape.

The initiative marks a significant step in the Nigeria Police Force’s efforts to modernize and enhance its capabilities in ensuring internal security across the nation.

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